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18 Reasons to Choose Ryan Vaught
Not all agents are alike!
  1. I am a Chico Association of Realtors Member (National and California Member)
  2. I am a full time real estate professional and conduct my real estate practice as a business.
  3. I have contacts in the Bay Area, Oregon and throughout Northern California.
  4. I use a variety of technology, including: websites, voice mail, e-mail, digital, cameras, fax, and virtual tours.
  5. I only use the latest computer software and hardware.
  6. I have extensive computer training and knowledge.
  7. I am desinageted as a Certified Apartment Manager, having experience with the eviction and leasing process.
  8. I say informed on current on tax laws and real estate related events.
  9. I am an aggressive and creative negotiator.
  10. I am always honest and trustworthy.
  11. I have real estate investment knowledge, including 1031 Exchanges.
  12. I am an Eagle Scout. For me, honesty and trustworthiness are ‘oaths’ I take seriously.
  13. I am always accessible. I have a mobile phone, office receptionist and assistant and I believe in clear communication.
  14. I am skilled at problem solving.
  15. I believe in clear communication.
  16. I am liked and respected by other agents. They will gladly sell my listings.
  17. I have a team! I have assistants, a graphic designer, photographer and full office behind me.
  18. I work in a very productive office, with many of Chico’s top producers.
8 Reasons to Choose Ryan Vaught Real Estate
How our team benefits you!
  1. We win awards on a regular basis for our sales production.
  2. We maximize your exposure via custom internet advertising on numerous sites.
  3. We use unique marketing strategies including virtual tours, extensive internet exposure, and personalized fliers and postcards.
  4. We operate as a team, providing better service at not extra cost to you.
  5. We specialize, which means we do our jobs better that most.
  6. We are always availble. Staff is availble all week, and agents are on duty during the weekends.
  7. We have sold many investment properties and know property management, including leasing and the eviction process.
  8. We have truly unique marketing and pricing strategies.